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Larousse is finishing his theology degree in 2019 and he will become a pastor.  SSP provided a small business loan to Larousse in which he is leasing vehicles to licensed taxi drivers.  This business is providing for Larousse’s needs while he is attending seminary.

Larousse Pascal​

Nadine Joseph

Meet some of the youth currently enrolled in our program

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James is finishing his last year in law school.  At this stage in his education, he is working at the courthouse filing legal documents and working as a legal assistant to an attorney gathering experience he can use in his own law practice.

Michelet Antenor

Prior to starting The Self Sufficiency Project, Laura served as short term mission director for two organizations.  She has organized and led dozens of mission trips in the United States and abroad. Returning to Haiti multiple times per year, her work in Haiti has built many relationships with the Haitian people and has given her strong roots of friendship with the children in the orphanages.  It is these bonds that motivate her to create an opportunity where "the forgotten" can have hope. Laura is from Chicago but now lives in Northwest Indiana with her family, still getting used to being called a Hoosier.

Jeff Brown


Harold Durivier

With over 30 years accounting experience, Ric fits right into the financial controller position with the Self Sufficiency Project. He holds an MBA from Indiana University Northwest and a BS in Industrial Management with an Accounting option from Purdue University Calumet. He passed the CPA exam in 1987. He is a professor at Indiana University Northwest teaching accounting, auditing, business,and  personal finance as well as the business owner of Holtz Accounting and Computer Services.  He juggles all this with his role as public servant on the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeal  for the town of Merrillville, Indiana and still finds plenty of time to spend with his wife, Judie and their 7 grand kids.

Ric Holtz

Financial Controller

James Paul

Michelet has a natural bent in technology so he was a perfect fit in a computer technology school learning computer science, programming, website construction and design, troubleshooting, etc.  This education will make it very easy for Michelet to find well-paying employment anywhere in Haiti.  As a side job, he is refurbing old computers, cell phones and other technology to provide for his necessities while enrolled as a student.

Nadine is in her second of four years in elementary education.  She is an intelligent, warm woman who is a natural born leader who loves children.  A perfect fit for a teacher.  She is hard working and grateful for the opportunity to go to college to be an educator.

Each of them have their own wonderful story to tell.  

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From Indiana to Chicago to Kenya to Indiana to Haiti to Southwest Michigan - it's been an interesting path that led Jeff to the Self Sufficiency Project. Having lived and worked overseas with mission organizations in business administration and logistics, he tries to bring unique perspective, cultural considerations, and expectations to the partnerships we build with our Haitian brothers and sisters. He was introduced to a group of young Haitian men and women some years ago, who were living together in a children's home, but were approaching the age at which the home would no longer provide care for them. The Self Sufficiency Project was born to address some of the challenges that these young adults will face in this next phase of their lives.  Jeff's desire is to simply come alongside our friends to learn about their individual challenges, to explore opportunities that are available to them, and ultimately to help them navigate a path between the two.

Harold is a man of high integrity and is a servant leader.  He was the perfect fit for an administration degree.  It will also include some accounting so he can have a variety of employment opportunities he can plug into.

Laura Lindgren

Founder & President

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